La Villa French Restaurant has recently added a collection of superb takeaway items to their menu. A glass-fronted refrigerator in the restaurant displays the delectable items for customers to drool over. This mouth-watering collection is enough to get anyone excited. No additives or preservatives have been used in the production of these superb takeaway dishes.

Using kilner-style jars made in Italy, these preserved classic dishes are kept super fresh for your consumption at home, and of course you get to keep a high quality sealable glass jar for future use. These delicious additions to the menu have proved to be a huge hit with La Villa’s regular customers. Top sellers so far include Bouillabaisse, the french traditional Provençal fish stew, and a wonderfully tasty Australian Beef Cheek Daube. Daube was once considered a more affordable way of making a version of the classic beef bourguignon, using less expensive cuts of meat and ingredients. With the passage of time, however, it has been adapted and altered in many ways. It is now considered even more special than its famous relative.

La Villa has brought together a selection of starters, mains and desserts so customers may create a true La Villa experience in their own home.

Les Bocaux de La Villa

Starters include: Foie Gras Terrine at VND450,000 for 125g and VND774,000 for 215g; Pork Liver Pate with Juniper at VND187,000 for 125g and VND322,000 for 215g; delicious Burgundy Style Snails cost just VND450,000 per jar and a sensational 100g jar of French Preserved Summer Truffles is priced at VND560,000.

For your main course, why not try one of these magnificent takeaway dishes: a sensational Whole Canadian Lobster à l’Américaine at VND990,000; Guinea Fowl in Red Wine Sauce for just VND820,000; the aforementioned Australian Beef Cheek Daube at VND720,000, or Bouillabaisse for only VND590,000.

Moving on to desserts, La Villa is proud to present Cherry Clafouti at just VND160,000 per jar or Poached Pears in Anise Syrup at only VND360,000.

La Villa has managed to present a collection that covers a variety of styles and prices. A portion of Cervelles de Cochon (pig brains) comes in at a very reasonable VND160,000. If you are feeling a little more extravagant, then there is the Australian Winter Black Truffle starting at VND1,250,000. Scrumptious French Morel Mushrooms are sold in various portions from just VND316,200 for 62g to VND2,310,000 for 502g.

The French have a long and esteemed history of preserving food. Nicolas Appert, the 19th century French confectioner from Châlons-en-Champagne, was the inventor of airtight food preservation. He is known as the “father of canning”. His work was started as the result of a competition organised by the French military in 1795. They offered a cash prize of 12,000 francs (about $45,000 by today’s prices) for a new method of preserving food. Appert began experimenting and learned how to preserve soups, vegetables, juices, dairy products, jellies, jams and syrups. He would place the food in glass jars, cork the tops and seal them with wax, then place them in boiling water. Appert experimented for 15 years, submitted his method, and was declared the winner in 1810.

Over time the French have perfected the methodology, and are considered a world leader at this practice. La Villa now uses this proud heritage to bring these delicious examples of their cuisine to your table at home.