At La Villa French Restaurant in HCMC’s District 2, we have some special items in store for you. Over the course of more than one year, Chef Thierry Mounon has sourced, researched and tasted ingredients hundreds of times to create his outstanding recipes for six top of the line tasting menus designed to excite any gourmet palate.

Welcome Chez Nous

La Villa pioneered the movement in Vietnam to reveal the origin of the restaurant’s phenomenal products. From Australian beef to Kamshatka king crab, Chef Thierry Mounon takes care to source each item from the top producers. La Villa’s diners are connoisseurs, inquisitive about the process that goes into creating a world-class meal and Chef Thierry Mounon feels they should have all the available knowledge on hand.

The reasonably priced MENU DE LA VILLA is a classic at La Villa.  This menu is perfect for those who are looking for traditional high-quality French food from the South of France. From the “Duck Foie Gras Terrine from Les Landes” to the “Canette of Duck from Dombes” to the “Confit Potatoes Cooked in Duck” this menu showcases this humble bird in all its fineness. For a sweet touch before your espresso, leave room for the apple tart with cinnamon ice cream.

The MENU DE LA VILLA GOURMET features king scallops that hail from the United States and beef tenderloin that comes from a country that is famous for its steak – Australia. To highlight the meat, pan-fried foie gras and a morel mushroom sauce take the dish to the next level. A chocolate pastilla with banana sorbet will curb any sweet cravings you may have at the end of the meal.

The MENU DISCOVERY also treats the diner to a host of imported delicacies–this time from France. We begin with foie gras from Les Landes, the heart of foie gras country in the south of France, then we travel to the cool Brittany coastline with our Breton Blue Lobster, which is graced with a dollop of orange and anis butter. Les Landes also offers up another excellent poultry dish – pigeon roasted and served in its sauce with a wheat berry ragout. The menu is rounded out by the Paris Brest, a classic French dessert comprised of flaky pastry and light as air praline cream.

Both the MENU DISCOVERY and the MENU PRIVILEGE feature a special interlude during the meal. The “Trou Normand”, a speciality of Normandy, is traditionally a shot of an apple brandy called Calvados or an alcoholic sorbet served between courses. The term literally translates to Norman hole. The alcohol is believed to create a hole of hunger in order to whet the appetite for the next courses.

Speaking of the MENU PRIVILEGE, this is the menu to choose if you are a true epicurean at heart. Chef Thierry researched each ingredient with meticulous detail so that each dish surprises and entices La Villa’s special guests, as well as transitioning smoothly between courses.

Throughout the meal, you will be treated to a journey around the culinary world. You’ll begin in France with the “Duck Confit Ravioli”, followed by a trio from the sea with king crab from Russia, Hokkaido scallops from Japan and French caviar remoulade.

The pièce de résistance here is undoubtedly the Rock Lobster tail from Tristan de Cunha, a remote group of volcanic islands that are part of the British overseas territories. The rock lobster is delicately and slowly cooked over a very low heat setting in order to create a phenomenally soft texture. The lobster is served with a black rice risotto.


A Beautiful Meal in a Charming Location

Save room for the main course of Wagyu beef from the Central Highlands of Victoria, Australia. Just as standard beef follows a USDA grading system (Choice, Prime, Select), Wagyu has an exclusive classification system which measures the fat content of the meat giving it a marbled appearance. The more marbling in a cut of beef the more the meat is tender, juicy and flavourful. Our Wagyu beef has a top rating of M6. This is the ideal number for a perfect harmony between the meat and the fat.

La Villa was the first restaurant in Vietnam to present their fromage on a cheese trolley. Every menu includes a selection of our best cheeses. Take a peek as the carte goes by and finish off your meal with a pick of creamy or hard, salty or smooth cheeses.

Cheese Heaven on Our Cheese Trolley

After the fromage refresh your palate with a Mango and Coconut ice cream. This dessert adds a tangy Asian touch to the meal.

Finally, If you are looking for an experience more than just a meal the MENU CARTE BLANCHE is for you.  Bring a guest and indulge together in a surprise tasting menu dreamed up by Chef Thierry Mounon. The ten-course culinary voyage is filled with the best ingredients available worldwide and will leave you satiated but still dreaming about the meal for years to come.  The best part of this menu is the anticipation–even though you won’t know what will arrive before you on your porcelain plate, you’ll know that the excellence won’t disappoint.

For the bon vivants La Villa can also include a wine pairing with each course. Chef Thierry’s wine collection is primarily centred around the great wines of France, with a wide selection of reds, whites and champagnes from each of the most famous regions in the country.

Two Bottles from Our Extensive Wine List