La Villa French Restaurant in Saigon’s District 2 has recently released its succulent Spring Menu by Chef THIERRY MOUNON. These latest culinary creations are dedicated to the optimism of spring and its bright and colourful flavours.

Le Menu Printemps – Spring Menu at La Villa French Restaurant

In Europe, as spring arrives misty rains are pierced with rays of sunlight, to awaken the bounty of the seasonal produce. Treasures such as artichokes, tender green asparagus and tart-sweet strawberries arrive at the markets for the first time in the year.

Take a trip into the French countryside with the team at La Villa French Restaurant and experience France’s famous seasonal spring delicacies that are available for a limited time only. This 8-course menu can be paired with the finest French wines chosen by La Villa’s sommelier for a truly epicurean adventure.

New Beginnings—Canapés, the Amuse Bouche and the Starter

Just as spring brings with it the sentiment of hope at the first sight of a green stem timidly peeking out of the earth following the winter frost, La Villa’s Spring Menu begins with a selection of small canapés that are crafted to awaken your appetite and prepare you for the seasonal delights to come!


Perfectly paired with a glass of something delicate and sparkly if you so choose, the canapésrange from parsley rolled escargot (snails) in the form of bonbonsto tinyverrines filled with jewel red gazpacho soup. We don’t want to give away all the surprises but suffice it to say that your palate will certainly be pleased by the flavours of these gourmet pleasures.

In a traditional fine dining French meal, the amuse bouches (literally translated as “mouth amusements”) set the tone for the feast. Chef Thierry’s presentation of zucchini flowers stuffed with yellow poultry mousseline is truly a delight to behold.


The vibrant blossoms succumb easily to the fork and release a burst of savoury and fresh flavours. The dish does exactly as promised; it tickles the palate with light notes of Spring and entices the diner to indulge in the next course.

Prepare your appetite because we’ve only just begun.

Up next is the Starter, which includes Braised Veal Sweet Bread in Morel Juice. In Europe, the delicate morels mushrooms are a prize to find come Spring and they pair perfectly with various types of meats. Here, Chef Thierry creates an combination of flavours that show the earthier side of Spring. Thin stems of leaf green asparagus round out the dish with their bitter, fresh notes.

Showcasing the Best of the Land and the Sea at La Villa French Restaurant

Off we go to the ocean or more specifically to the sea of Kien Giang where we can find the freshest giant prawn. Served with Kaviari Oscietre Prestige Caviar the Giant Prawns are flavoured with a frothy Curry Mariniere sauce.


On the side is a dish that is close to the Chef’s heart. “Paulette” Spinach with Kampot Pepper was created by Chef Thierry’s grandmother, Paulette. The spinach leaves are delicately cooked with baby clams and topped with the Curry Mariniere. The result is a flavour that is similar to a comforting creamed spinach but with aromas of sea air.



To prepare the palate (and the stomach) for the next courses, La Villa French Restaurant follows in the spirit of traditional fine dining and offers a mid-meal pause called an Interlude. Exotic aromas of orange sorbet topped with aged rum infused with a cacao pod make the senses travel away from France for a short vacation on an island paradise. The Interlude is light and refreshingly sweet and acidic. If this were a normal menu the meal would stop here, and we would this dessert. But, this is more than a simple lunch or dinner, it is an event that is meant to remain in the diner’s mind as “one of the best meals ever experienced.”

Now, Chef Thierry whisks us back to land with a dish that is particular evocative of Springtime. In France, lamb is typically served as part of the holiday menu for Easter celebrations. La Villa French Restaurant’s New Zealand Coastal Lamb Saddle cooked in a cocotte (a Dutch oven dish) is beautifully presented in the shape of two rolled medallions.


Served with the splendour of Spring colours—green pea puree, fava bean ragout cooked with lamb juice and tomato confit served in an artichoke heart with bright edible flowers—the lamb is truly a dish for devotees of fine French cuisine.

A Sweet and Savoury Finish for a True French Fine Dining Experience in Saigon

We hope you’ve saved room for cheese.

La Villa’s famous cheese trolley is stocked with Les Freres Marchand’s finest selection of French cheeses that run the gamut from camembert to roquefort to cheese aged in cognac or rolled in ash. It’s best to have the knowledgeable staff at La Villa explain all the options available or just try a tiny sliver of each one! La Villa’s homemade bread basket is always on hand to complement the pungent flavours of the cheese. We highly recommend pairing the fresh olive rolls with creamy goat’s cheese.


And now we’ve come to the end of the meal. While all good things must end it should never be without a sweet touch to remain in the memories.

Despite the utter indulgence of the preceding dishes, there is always room for dessert, especially when it involves strawberries and white chocolate. La Villa has a beautiful Strawberry and White Chocolate Religieuse in store for you. The religieuse is a special dessert that can be found in upscale French patisseries. Similar to three small creampuffs stacked on top of one another, the dessert is as pleasing to the eyes as it is to the palate.

Don’t forget the mignardises (tiny macarons and other miniature desserts) and a good strong coffee to finish off the meal in the style.


How to Reserve La Villa French Restaurant Special Menu du Printemps

Make Your Reservation for this limited time Spring Feast
Tel: 028 38982082 | Hotline: +84 9077 19879

Spring Menu Details

Food : 2.490.000 Vnd Net Per Person

Wine Pairing : 1.590.000 Vnd Net Per Person (Not Compulsory)

Lunch/Dinner (Pre-order Is Recommended)

Served For The Whole Table Only

Opening Hours

Monday To Saturday (Lunch And Dinner)/ Sunday is Closed

Lunch From 11:45 Am To Last Order 1:30 Pm (Closed Around 4pm)

Dinner From 6:30 Pm To Last Order 9:30 Pm (Closed Around Midnight)

Food Allergies/ Intolerances/ Preferences

Please Ensure To Inform Our Colleagues About Your Specific Food Allergies, Intolerances Or Preferences Before Your Order

Corkage Charges For Outside Wines And Drinks Policy

Vnd 490.000 Per Bottle of Red/ White/ Rosé (750 ml)

Vnd 590.000 Per Bottle of Champagne (750 ml)

Vnd 690.000 Per Bottle of Spirit

Image source: La Villa French Restaurant – by Mervin Lee