Once sampled it is never forgotten. The cheese trolley at La Villa is a joy to behold for turophiles in Ho Chi Minh City. La Villa have spent a long time and a lot of love developing this gastronomic delight. The trolley has 20 permanent residents to delight the palate and more visit on occasion. […]

La Villa French Restaurant has recently added a collection of superb takeaway items to their menu. A glass-fronted refrigerator in the restaurant displays the delectable items for customers to drool over. This mouth-watering collection is enough to get anyone excited. No additives or preservatives have been used in the production of these superb takeaway dishes. […]

Chef Thierry Mounon and his wife Mrs Tina Trang Pham have created the perfect setting in which to enjoy wonderful French food and practice your fine dining etiquette. There is no reason to get stressed about eating in top restaurants. The rules are mostly a case of just good manners, along with a few other […]

La Villa’s Head Chef Thierry has just updated his already comprehensive menu to feature some excellent additions, with some rarities that are sure to surprise and delight even the experienced sommelier. La Villa’s “wine book” now has a selection of 30 wines, to make the total number of wines at La Villa an even 230. […]

In presenting the La Villa French Black Truffle Menu, Thierry Mounon has created something really special, based around “the diamond of the kitchen” The French Black Truffle has been called “the diamond of the kitchen”. A truffle is the fruiting body of an Ascomycete fungus, a species of the tuber genus. They are highly prized […]

It’s a perennial problem for any of us that have chosen to relocate to Southeast Asia; why is the restaurant service, so often, just so bad? You know the drill, your partner fancies a nice night out and you decide that a romantic dinner would be just the job. You make your selections from the […]

At La Villa French Restaurant in HCMC’s District 2, we have some special items in store for you. Over the course of more than one year, Chef Thierry Mounon has sourced, researched and tasted ingredients hundreds of times to create his outstanding recipes for six top of the line tasting menus designed to excite any gourmet palate. […]